A telecom installation can be an extremely challenging task for any business to manage on its own.  Nearly every experienced Controller, Operations Manager, or Network Administrator can tell you at least one story about a telecom installation gone horribly wrong.   If you’re interested in testing the merits of Murphy’s Law we certainly suggest relying on your carrier’s standard customer care reps & managing the installation on your own.  If you’re interested in minimizing your risk of experiencing issues & down time, we suggest using a telecom consultant like NetFarm to project manage the installation for you.   Here are some of the reasons why & 2 of the common installation issues businesses need to avoid.

First let’s face a reality, the majority of telecom carriers in this country provide an extremely low level of customer service.  Most carriers consistently fail to communicate properly with their customers. This consistent lack of communication ultimately culminates in failed execution & customer frustration. Unfortunately, customers have been forced to just settle for that. The bar of customer service has been lowered so far that customers are impressed when the carrier simply shows up on the day of their installation appointment.  Seriously, What industry believes a 5-hour appointment window is acceptable? A 5-hour window they some how consistently miss.

Through our experience & industry knowledge, NetFarm helps our clients overcome the telecom carrier’s shortcomings by setting the proper expectations, providing accurate information, engaging all the necessary parties, & providing open communication throughout the entire installation process.

Common Mistake #1: Tech no shows, arrives early or late:

If you outsource your Voice & Data work, those vendors need to be present during your service installation. If the carrier is early, the carrier won’t be able to turn up services & your vendor may have trouble completing their side of the work.  If the carrier is late, you’ll end up having to pay your vendors to sit around & wait. If the carrier is a complete now show, well you get it…. its bad.

Common Cause for Mistake #1: Most carrier sales reps take the path of least resistance when selling new services to their customers.  It’s a competitive situation & they want to make their offering seem as attractive as possible.  So, they avoid the fact that you’ll have to schedule additional vendors & incur additional costs when implementing their services.

Common Mistake #2: No Demarc Extension:

In a high rise or multi-tenant building, telecom services are delivered in a general telecom room usually located in the basement.  The telecom services are then extended up a common conduit or elevator shaft & delivered to another telecom room on the customer’s floor.  So there are four connections that need to be made, the connection to the primary telecom room, the connection to the riser cable, the connection to the local telecom room, and then onto the business suite.  Every element of the installation must be completed and all the parties work coordinated or the service won’t be available come the time of installation.

Common Cause for Mistake #2: For some reason or another most telecom carriers do not feel this aspect of your service is their responsibility.  In addition the carrier would prefer you didn’t realize this additional cost until you are further along into the installation process.  You are much less likely to go elsewhere the further you are into the process.

NetFarm provides all of our clients with full pre & post installation support. Our goal is to help fill the customer service gap that the telecom carriers fail to provide so our clients can successfully implement their telecom services. If you’re looking for help managing your telecom service implementation please feel free to call us at 847-512-4949 or email us at info@netfarmsolutions.com


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