1. What does NetFarm do?

NetFarm is a full-service telecommunications consulting and management firm. Businesses partner with NetFarm to simplify the process in selecting and managing their Telecom Services. If you’re like most of our clients, you’re far too busy to worry about your phone service and internet connectivity.  We manage your telecom services for you, so you can focus on your core strengths and growing your business.

2. How does NetFarm get compensated?

We are paid by the telecommunications carrier that you select. However, we only make money if you remain a happy, paying customer. If you are unhappy and leave the carrier we recommend, we stop getting paid.  Our financial interests are to provide products and services that maintain a positive Long Term Relationship with our clients.

3. When is a good time to evaluate our services?

It’s always a good time to save money but most businesses begin evaluating their telecom services as their current contracts near expiration.  We recommend beginning the process approximately 6 months prior to the end of your current contract end date.  Other good opportunities to evaluate would include: Opening of a New Location or Moving Location, and any Implementation of Cloud Based Solution or Changes in Network Configuration.

4. Is NetFarm a reseller

NetFarm is not a reseller; we only consult for the top facility based carriers in the Industry.

5. What type of support & management do you provide after we select a provider?

  • Coordinate & Schedule Service installation.
  • Trouble Ticket Management.
  • Help Troubleshoot Service Issues
  • Conduct Monthly Bill Reviews
  • Contract Renegotiation
  • Network Assessments and Line Audit


6. Do I have to change service providers in order to save money?

Many of our current clients came to us while in the middle of their contract term. We’ve been very successful with these clients by renegotiating their current contracts with their existing carrier.  Companies who prefer their existing carrier typically renew their contract every 2 or 3 years. However, it’s difficult to stay current with the ever-changing telecom industry and existing carriers have little incentive to provide current customers with the most efficient solutions.  Our staff has decades of experience and negotiate hundreds of contracts annually. We extend the expertise necessary to deliver to you the best available rates, conditions and contract clauses in the industry.

Our Contract Renegotiation Services are based on a pay-for-performance model. The majority of savings are yours, which ensures a positive return on investment

7. What happens if we have a service issue?

I’m sure you’re tired of sitting on hold for hours only to speak with someone sitting half way across the world that has no familiarity with your account and no idea how to fix your problem. We serve as an extra layer of support for all of our clients.   If you experience any service issue, of course you can call the carrier directly to open to open the necessary trouble tickets, but you can also call us to submit and escalate service issues with the service provider.     Give us a call, email us and let us go to work for you.

8. How do you base your recommendations?

We’ve worked with nearly every vendor in the business. We know what products, services, and vendors work best for each particular client.  Through trial and error, we’ve found a collection that rise above the rest. That allows us to streamline our quoting process and shorten installation timelines. Most importantly, it lets us solve each client’s problems.

9. Besides recommending carriers services for our organization, Can NetFarm assist our company with vendor selection for IT and Equipment vendors?

For any services that NetFarm doesn’t provide directly, we will recommend vendors based on your requirements and needs.  We are frequently asked to provide recommended phone vendors and IT Consultants for our customers.

10. What are the main differences between Cable Internet Access & T1 Internet Access?

Features Cable Internet Access T1 Internet Access
IP Addresses • Dynamic, always changing.

• Inability host services.

• Problems with remote telecommuting software like PCAnywhere and VPN.

• Static IP address sometimes available at considerable extra cost.

• Static: never changes.

• Appx. 5 static IP addresses included for business service.

• Additional static IP addresses available.

Availability • Not available in most commercial areas. • Available everywhere.
Connection • Shared connection with all your Cable TV and Cable Internet neighbors. • Dedicated connection between your business and the carriers central office
Security • Shared connection with possible access to your computer by other Cable Internet neighbors. • Dedicated private connection to the internet.
Speed • Speed is not guaranteed and can fluctuate based on the usage of other people in your neighborhood and the distance between your business and the cable providers network. • Speed is guaranteed and backed with a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

• Choose the speed that’s right for you and get exactly what you pay for.

Service • Provisioned over a shared line with multiple points of failure.

•Identifying and repairing points of failure can be difficult and timely.  Service interruptions can take a long time to repair

• Dedicated Line making indentifying issues and repairing easier and quicker to repair.
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