NetFarm is dedicated to helping our clients find the best datacenter & colocation solutions for projects of all sizes. Our portfolio provides our clients access to over 500+ datacenters worldwide, and our proven methodology examines individual client needs and matches them with our extensive partner network. Within days, NetFarm can provide multiple quotes for colocation solutions based on your specific requirements.

 Benefits of Colocation Services

  • Colocation services offer a series of noticeable benefits over other networking and data solutions.
  • Physical Security – Colocation centers offer physical security with fire protection systems, maintained temperatures, locked cages and cabinets, and more modern facilities are making use of fingerprint and voice recognition all allowing you to sleep soundly knowing your data is safe.
  • Reduced Utilities – Establishing your own data center not only has massive initial costs but also regularly increasing costs to maintain the necessary temperature and constant, large amount of power required to keep the servers running. Colocation services solve both these problems by hosting your servers and networking devices safely.
  • Constant Monitoring – With real-time monitoring by specialists, your network is in good hands. Everyday it’s becoming harder and harder to operate at full capacity when your network fails and with live monitoring, colocation services reduce the inconvenience and loss of downtime.
  • Reliability – Due to the redundancy of the systems, reliability is very high. Reliability and constant functionality both rank high among the most important aspects of networking solutions and with colocation services that’s what you get – without the stress of managing your own data center.
  • Higher Bandwidth at Lower Costs – For the same price as getting a limited business DSL line set up, a server can be arranged in a colocation center providing much higher speeds while also offering significantly improved outage protection.



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