The demand is pretty obvious; Businesses require access to high-speed bandwidth more than ever before.  That trend isn’t likely to change anytime soon. Business applications are getting more sophisticated & the increasing utilization of Video & VoIP are taxing networks in a big way. These applications are also heading to the cloud. Processes that always put demands on businesses local networks now put those demands on their outside connections. In order for everything to continue operating efficiently businesses require access to scalable, dependable & economical high-speed data connections.

However, it’s becoming more & more difficult for businesses to determine what provider & technology best fits their current & future bandwidth needs in a cost effective way.  The telecom industry is a very competitive place & like most competitive industries misleading sales & marketing tactics dominate the culture.   Navigating the wide variety of Telecom Providers & keeping up with the industries constantly changing technologies is a time consuming & difficult task.   Selecting a telecom service provider is not something that businesses should take lightly. Making the wrong decision can have a long-term negative impact on your business.   Any business that has signed a long-term contract & suffered through frequent outages & poor customer service can attest to that.   Any business that has had their overpriced T1 contract auto-renewed for another 3 years can attest to that.

So, gather the proper information & seek the help of professional consultants to help make the right decisions for your telecom services.  You will avoid a lot of future headaches by performing the proper due diligence during the selection process.

Our objective at NetFarm is to take the pain and confusion out of selecting a telecom provider.  We eliminate the irritating sales calls and misleading information associated with gathering multiple service quotes from various services providers. We only provide transparent “apples to apples” pricing and a carrier neutral approach. Through this approach, we allow our clients to make the most informed decision possible at no additional cost & without the hidden fees.

If you are a business looking for help deciding on a telecom provider & would like a free consultation. Please give us a call at 847-512-4949 or email us at

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